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eHarmony or eHARMony?


Ok, so on the advice of my sister, I decided to fill out the personality test thing for free but not sign up for the service. So I did it. Got my personality profile. Interesting. So I’m now on the mailing list. Yeah. And there are some very interesting articles out there.

There’s one very helpful one for any woman wanting to go on a date. How to dress. ‘First Date Fashion for Women’ to be exact. Okay, this should be good.Dress, of course, is an integral part of your presentation. It’s one part dressing for the occasion and another part preserving who you are at the core. On a first glance fashion tells your story— it holds clues to your personality, conveys how you are feeling, and even how you want him to feel about you when he sees you. I would love to know what ‘story’ men get from my first glance fashion. Maybe something like ‘Wow, what was she thinking when she got dressed this morning?’ Or maybe ‘She’s definitely on the single mom budget.’ Oh well, weeds out the gold diggers. How about ‘Gee, if she only wore a little makeup…’ ‘That hair is crazy!’ ‘I wonder if she really owns a Pinto.

Seriously. How about this?Peep-toe flats in patent leather or animal printa. I guess that means they want me to get a pedicure. b. They want me to go shopping becasue I don’t own anything with that description. c. Are guys really into these peep-toe things? Just curious.

The closest description I can find to myself in this advice is The Betty (Casual). Okay, so let’s see what I should wear…

  • Ankle-tie wedge espadrilles
  • Embellished flat-thong sandals
  • Head scarf
  • Straw totes
  • Ballet flats
  • Chunky plastic beaded necklaces and bracelets??!!!! 

First, anyone that knows me here. Straw tote? And that’s supposed to be a safe environment for my G4 Powerbook? Head scarf? I really don’t think I could afford one that covers all my hair. Chunky plastic stuff belongs in my altered art, NOT on my body. And what in the hell is a espadrille???

Okay guys, can any man enlighten me on this dressing thing?

And the funniest part of this advice… I clicked to view the article for what men should wear. And it’s gone. Doesn’t exist. Guess they can wear what they want or go naked. Naked would just make this process way easier.

you simply can’t discontinue happiness.

So me and my two creative bff’s just returned from the Innovate conference at Grainger Community Church. We went to a breakout group on blogging. It was great!! It was lead by Kem Meyer www.kemmeyer.com and I’ve been dying to get home and start a blog!

So while we’re in there, I’m talking to my friends and telling them my happiness story. They said, “…that’s blogworthy and it should be your first entry…” So. Here it is.

A couple of years ago, I did a photo shot of a woman and I couldn’t believe how well her lipstick stayed on and looked so perfect. First, let me start by saying I’m NOT a makeup person. But on occasion when I wear it, I usually just wear lipstick. So I asked her what brand it was and she replied it was made by Bed Head.

So I went to the store and found the perfect color called ‘happiness’. Well, as we all know, happiness doesn’t last forever so I went to the store to buy some more happiness. When I got there, I looked all over for happiness. Instead I found hope, love, passion, and even gossip, humor, peace and some others. But all I really wanted was some happiness.

I went up to the counter and asked if they were out of happiness. The girl told me that if it’s not out there, that happiness was more than likely discontinued. Seriously! Was she kidding? So I said, “Let me get this straight. Happiness has been discontinued? And what do they replace it with? Unhappiness? Sadness?” So I left the store believing that happiness was gone.

A few days later I stopped at another makeup store. Which by the way is torchure for me. I’d rather have a root canal or something. So I stopped in and asked for happiness. They had a bunch of it! It had not been discontinued. Yeah!

So I guess you just have to know where to look to find happiness. And if you’re not finding it, then look somewhere else. And keep looking. It’s out there. It has not been discontinued. ~

…after all, happiness is a color

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