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23 days until Christmas…

This photograph, by far, disturbs me more than any of the others we took last Sunday.  Study it for a moment.  What do you see?

The most obvious thing?  It’s inflatable, and the biggest ‘residential’ one I’ve ever seen.  I’m surprised the Frisco Sign Nazi hasn’t found a ‘clause’ to ban these yet.  Hmmm, that does give me some good marketing ideas.  This inflatable, when crashing to its daily morning death, could possibly cover the house.  I guess it could be used during the summer as an exterminator tent.  I’m all about the mutli-purpose purchases.

My first thought when I saw this?  I wonder if the reindeer butts are sticking out the back.  Yes, E drove around behind it so I could look.  No butts.  Where’s the artistic detail here?

Now for the disturbing part.  There are eight reindeer, not counting Rudolph because he has a condo in Florida and he only helps when the weather is bad.  Where do Dasher and Donner live?  I checked the back, and there were no more stable doors.  I also looked around in the neighboring yards, just to be sure they didn’t have a separate stable.  Nope, they’re just simply not there.  I guess the recession has hit the North Pole, just like everywhere else.

So what do out of work reindeer do?  Play reindeer games?  There’s no money in that.  Update their reindeer resume?  The only experience they have is working for Santa flying a sleigh once a year.  Both are probably thinking they should have gone to college and gotten their degrees.  But they both know that with the economy the way it is, even that is no guarantee of a good job, or any job for that matter.

With two less reindeer, Santa will be carrying a lighter load this year.  I hope Santa has a tinselectomy and bypasses all the kids that have no needs and delivers some basic necessities to those in need.  Some of the elves should become farmers and make food, while others become carpenters and make prefab houses.  If they restructured Santa Enterprises, Dasher and Donner could have their jobs back and needy families all over the world could have food and shelter.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good… morning.

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