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I’m at the store blogging this, waiting for bringer card proofs to be printed for tinselectomy.com. I have to say, with the ‘tinselectomy’ concept, I feel guilty purchasing 1000 candy candy canes and 500 feet of tinsel.  Does it take all this ‘stuff’ to start a movement?  Live differently!  This doesn’t feel different.

As I walk through the store, I realize they are piping in this holiday-cinnamon smell, I suppose in hopes that it will make me get into the ‘holiday’ spirit and start shopping.  I also realized how irritating the smell is. It’s the smell of Christmas, the commercialized materialistic version of Christmas.

If some candy canes, tinsel and a catchy .com can start a movement of changing Christmas, I’m all in.  The proofs are ready.  They look great, “I’ll take 500 prints.”

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