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Christmas day.

Here it is.  A recap of the 25 days of Christmas… in tweets.  All are 140 characters or less so copy, paste and share!  Merry Christmas.  Come back in January to see my next blogging subject.  It’s a good one.

25 days until Christmas…

SUPPORT SMALL BIZ: purchase gifts at local discount & hole-in-the-wall stores #shopsmart http://wp.me/p7CAn-3b

SUPPORT an orphanage: http://casahogarelim.com I love these kids & mama lupita #che #casahogarelim

SUPPORT locally in frisco: http://friscocenter.org volunteer @ the food pantry or frisco resale #friscoresale #tinselectomy

look 4 ‘symmetrical hazy plastic people nativity scene with flying peanuts’ in ur area. #sillyyardart #fun #embracechaos

make darla bluetooth your friend on FB. @luvplasticpeople @embracechaos #mannequinsneedluv

read 25 days until christmas http://wp.me/p7CAn-3b #25daysofembracechaos

24 days until Christmas…

take the pumpkin out before putting christmas inflatables out there. #christmas #halloween #dontmix

put ur cell phone in ur pocket b4 going 2 the attic 2 get the tree out in case u get stuck. #stuck911 #noanswer

strip away the social expectations of christmas. #tinselectomy #noshopocalypse http://wp.me/p7CAn-3g

appreciate retail workers, be nice to them, retail sucks during the holidays #benice #putawayanitemoffthefloor

if shopping, make funny faces in the security cams. take a pic of ur face & post on fb. #yourfacewillsticklikethat

use fb for ur christmas card nxt yr. it’s the card that gives all yr long! #facebookrocks #holidaysmadebyhallmark

in the words of rod p. ‘merry christmas or whatever’ #donttalkonstagewithcoldmeds http://wp.me/p7CAn-3g

christmas? i’m going to watch nightmare before christmas so I can find it. #jackskellington @embracechaos http://wp.me/p7CAn-3g

read 24 days until christmas http://wp.me/p7CAn-3g #24daysofembracechaos

23 days until Christmas…

the frisco sign nazi hasn’t found a ‘clause’ to ban inflatables yet #takedownthatsign #deflate #frisco http://wp.me/p7CAn-3r

mutli-purpose inflatables.  buy the biggest 1 so it can b used as an exterminator tent. #deadyardart #nobugs

rudolph has a condo in florida and only helps when the weather is bad. #plasticpinkflamingos #beach #skelemingo

there’s no $ in reindeer games. dasher & donner r unemployed. #reindeerjobs #recession http://badecono.me

i hope santa delivers basic necessities to those in need. #besanta #volunteer #helppeopleinneed #ursanta

read 23 days until christmas http://wp.me/p7CAn-3r #23daysofembracechaos

22 days until Christmas…

God is awesome! #godrocks! http://wp.me/p7CAn-3A

our new family tradition… santa shooting. with a camera! #shootsanta #lightpainting #getoutofmyyard! http://wp.me/p7CAn-3A

‘hired’ lights: spared no expense in purchasing lights & hung by professional elves #hiredlights

‘i have lights on my house because it’s a christmas expectation’, sometimes hoa required. #lightconformist

‘bountiful jumble’ lights: random sets of non-matching lights, replicated walmart’s sample light displays. #led&incandescentDONTmatch!

read 22 days until christmas http://wp.me/p7CAn-3A #22daysofembracechaos

21 days until Christmas…

i miss my cousin jim. He was awesome, opinionated & passionate about his beliefs. #ripjim #betterplace http://wp.me/p7CAn-3K

pause in ur busyness and make a phone call 2 someone u haven’t talked to in a while. #justcall #uhaverolloverminutes

stop & talk with an impoverished person. buy them lunch & learn their story. meet tom: http://wp.me/p7CAn-3K #listen

when an opportunity presents itself, act on it! #iwishihad… #stopdrop&listen #2010challenge

his sign said he was broke and hungry. aren’t we all? matt 22:37-40 http://wp.me/p7CAn-3K #homeless #impoverished

read 21 days until christmas http://wp.me/p7CAn-3K #21daysofembracechaos

20 days until Christmas…

INSPIRED BY: hank stuever & ‘tinsel’ if this book doesn’t give u food 4 thought, then find something that does. #tinsel #tinselectomy

INSPIRED BY: allison harrell & her amazing writing skills. #allisonharrell #letterjacket4typing

INSPIRED BY: jackson robinson & http://thepaintingexperiment.com #dudehasmeupat5am #gotpaint? #m&ms

INSPIRED BY: robert leahey who will take on any artistic challenge! #macgyverofmusicalinstruments #legoking #canplayanything

“what did we ever do before wikipedia & google?”  pete replied, “we argued.” http://wp.me/p7CAn-3U #debateisgreat

CHALLENGE: go treasure hunting for old, used meaningful books. look for personal notes inside. #usedbooksrawesome #books

my face leaks about once a year, just to clean out the cobwebs in my tear ducts. @embracechaos

admire people’s uniqueness and understand what an important role that plays in our lives. @embracechaos

the most important christmas icon of all is jesus, and I don’t mean the plastic one. @embracechaos

if ur planning on turning christmas upside-down, u better put on ur seatbelt.  It will turn ur life upside-down. #ptcc @embracechaos

read 20 days until christmas http://wp.me/p7CAn-3U #20daysofembracechaos

19 days until Christmas…

CHALLENGE: google ‘christmas spirit’. spend less time in cognitive contemplation & more time in the affliction/spirit of ur heart

ehow.com: instructions on how 2 get christmas spirit. it doesn’t tell u what it means, but u can get it in just 11 steps. #11

I’m searching for something big, something life changing, not season changing. @embracechaos http://wp.me/p7CAn-4f

I’m still looking.  I want to know more about the ‘invisible something’. @embracechaos http://wp.me/p7CAn-4f

”santa claus suit sales are up demonstrating that christmas spirit is recession proof” #consumeristchristmas #santaspirit #wwsd

if we rename the ‘spirit’ w/o the word christmas, but keep christ in, we can keep it all year w/o feeling like the tree was left up all year

the dead santas. no, it’s not a new band I’m starting, it’s the 25 day blog inspiration. @embracechaos http://wp.me/p7CAn-4f

kids will need therapy after seeing dead christmas stuff everywhere. #sillyyardart #deadsantas #christmasnightterrors

start the kids therapy fund, then they’ll be well adjusted enough to pay for their own college expenses #linwoodson

read 19 days until christmas http://wp.me/p7CAn-4f #19daysofembracechaos

18 days until Christmas…

beer keg tree, funny yard art, peppermint candy rugs… http://wp.me/p7CAn-4L #crazychristmasart

upside-down christmas tree. newest fad in christmas decor, much controversy about the symbolic meaning. #urthoughts?

turning something upside-down makes a mess @1st, but the reorganized pieces might b put back together differently & better @embracechaos

my stylist, #stevehodges, agreed 2 bleach & color a peace sign into my hair. #goseehimforgreatstyle! http://wp.me/p7CAn-4L

make christmas ur own self-expression, depicting what’s in ur heart, not what society is promoting. @embracechaos

read 18 days until christmas http://wp.me/p7CAn-4L #18daysofembracechaos

17 days until Christmas…

ACTION: make 30 sack lunches and bring them downtown 4 the daylaborers. #frisco #feedthehungry http://wp.me/p7CAn-5a

got long hair? donate it to locksoflove.org or pantene. @httpsdh is an expert at these haircuts!  #stevehodges #thejodysdidit

on my heart 2 start a prgm in dallas, like http://chicagoshares.org, a voucher-based way 2 give. #wanttohelpme? @embracechaos

ACTION: join our photo group! @embracechaos #photosafari #e #crazypeoplewithcameras

how do we find these people in need and how can we help? #ffs #homeless #impoverished http://wp.me/p7CAn-5a

read 17 days until christmas http://wp.me/p7CAn-5a #17daysofembracechaos

16 days until Christmas…

i want to use flamingos as reindeer & a lawn chair for a sleigh. i need a crappy, vintage lawn chair. #needalawnchair http://wp.me/p7CAn-5r

skelly is on vacation… at the abandoned motel. http://wp.me/p7CAn-5r #skelemingo #abandonedmotel #iloveabandonedplaces

CHALLENGE: christmas BOO! someone. read more @ http://wp.me/p7CAn-5r #christmasboo! #santaghost

when my ADHD & OCD collide, that means events happen spontaneously, but everything is more than prepared for it. @embracechaos

busyness, no matter good or bad, takes away from the christmas spirit. is slowing down to experience the joy really possible? @embracechaos

read 16 days until christmas http://wp.me/p7CAn-5r #16daysofembracechaos

15 days until Christmas…

Santa’s requests, not asking for typical toys & electronics, asking 4 basic necessities. #krld #badecono.me http://wp.me/p7CAn-5K

u know the economy is bad when kids r happy 2 get socks & underwear 4 Christmas. #happyunderwear @embracechaos

HISTORY: st. nick gave generous gifts 2 the poor, esp to daughters of poor parents so they didn’t have 2 become prostitutes. #wikipedia

SECRET: i could never keep 1, told the whole kindergarten class that santa is not real. #5yroldbrat #startedchaos@anearlyage

tell r kids @ dinner tbl there r starving kids in other places, eat evrthng, & if they behave, santa will bring everything they want? #no!

if santa has resources 2 give us anything we want, then why doesn’t he help out with poverty? http://wp.me/p7CAn-5K #ridpoverty

cole’s response to no santa: “so, let me get this straight. you’ve been lying to me this whole time?” #b&wcole @embracechaos

it’s time to go from believing in santa to being santa. @embracechaos http://wp.me/p7CAn-5K #besanta

i was people watching and secretly snapped this, but I just can’t help myself. http://wp.me/p7CAn-5K #backwardsanta

read 15 days until christmas http://wp.me/p7CAn-5K #15daysofembracechaos

14 days until Christmas…

…everything on my plate is attached to bungee cords… @embracechaos http://wp.me/p7CAn-6b #prioritize #maketime

look for the magic word we all crave: BALANCE. #balance #morebalance #wheresbalance? #whatsbalance #whitebalance (oh, cam term) J

read 14 days until christmas http://wp.me/p7CAn-6b #14daysofembracechaos

13 days until Christmas…

i got a glimpse into a new world, one I had not experienced before. ??? wrestling. http://wp.me/p7CAn-6l

i don’t get it. where are the decoder rings?  i never found one in my cracker jack box. @embracechaos #surpriseinside

let me just say that i don’t get organized exercise. @embracechaos #kickballflashback http://wp.me/p7CAn-6l

i finally experienced the crazy parents at sporting events. http://wp.me/p7CAn-6l #insaneparents #imustbeasuckyparent

…kids and parents pulling out their electronic pacifiers to deal with the boredom… #oursociety #usaculture http://wp.me/p7CAn-6l

our competitive nature has spilled over into Christmas. @embracechaos #sociteysaddness #ihavemorestuffthanyoudo #materialism

christmas is suffering through the repetitive motions of the season.  #:( #changeneeded #ditchthetraditions #christmasrobots

r we celebrating christmas 4 the right reasons? @embracechaos http://wp.me/p7CAn-6l

i hope i can feel the christmas spirit on christmas day… without my decoder ring. @embracechaos #surpriseinside

read 13 days until christmas http://wp.me/p7CAn-6l #13daysofembracechaos

12 days until Christmas…

after visiting a few restricted areas in the hospital, I talked to a friend that gave me the correct info. #bettersignageneeded

chateau cinema showing of it’s a wonderful life. My favorite movie. @embracechaos #itsawonderfullife #iloveb&wmovies

CHALLENGE: spontaneously invite people somewhere on your FB & twitter status. #performanceart #seewhoshowsup@lastminute

WARNING: stay away from the dark angel house. @embracechaos http://wp.me/p7CAn-6F #creepy #scary #keepout

drinking hot chocolate and toasting the giant pillow-sized marshmallows brought back from mexico. @embracechaos

…just moved us 2 the pediatric waiting room maybe bcuz we act like children & they don’t want us disturbing the grown-ups. #:P #E

i went inside to my warm, cozy house & was immediately overcome with sadness. @embracechaos http://wp.me/p7CAn-6F #homeless

just 4 the record, if “keep out” or “no trespassing” is posted, then we don’t go in.  that doesn’t mean we stay out of trouble. #photosafari

read 12 days until christmas http://wp.me/p7CAn-6F #12daysofembracechaos

11 days until Christmas…

if there’s a poster child for the love we feel for casahogarelim.com, it’s candy. #che #love #imissallofthekidsatche!

mall or maul? #tonychavez #ihatemalls #dontshopthischristmas

one would think getting a passport might be a simple process, but like everything else in our bureaucratic, complex society, it is not.

…i have no desire to give them a tv anymore… @embracechaos http://wp.me/p7CAn-78 #theyhavesomethingwedont

i wish i had never been spoiled by all of the materialism & possessions of our american culture, because now I’m addicted. @embracechaos

burdened with my knowledge, shackled with electronics and locked in a cell of selfishness and greed. @embracechaos

read 11 days until christmas http://wp.me/p7CAn-78 #11daysofembracechaos

10 days until Christmas…

my favorite Bible verse, Romans 12:2.  it’s so applicable to christmas consumerism & might b a clue in finding the christmas spirit.

‘excessable’. Yes, it’s a word, it’s my word. I made it up. #excessable @embracechaos checko  out the art: http://wp.me/p7CAn-7n

…cookie cutters symbolize our current culture and represents the expectation placed on us to conform to our society.

random acts of kindness: ppl don’t want 2 b boastful or prideful, but we need 2 get their stories told as an inspiration 4 others

look closely around u, through the lens of kindness & mercy, and u will c things you’ve never seen before. @embracechaos

read 10 days until christmas http://wp.me/p7CAn-7n #10daysofembracechaos

9 days until Christmas…

tick. tick. tick. #timeflies #annoyingclock #imbusy #snooze #theresneverenough http://wp.me/p7CAn-7P

i’m forgetting something. @embracechaos

time, our most valuable commodity.  time, our best friend and our worst enemy.  #timeismoney #timeislove http://wp.me/p7CAn-7P

the eagles understand the meaning of time. in their words, “…you can spend all your love making time.”

i don’t send christmas cards anymore, mostly because it’s an expectation. @embracechaos #anditcostsalot

do we even notice if one of our friends doesn’t send the obligatory christmas wishes? #nocards

LIMIT: one paragraph per person please. #christmascardfamilyupdates #urfamilyisbetterthanmine #childprodigies

reality cards: my kids r struggling in school, I lost my job & oh, btw, u can take his name off the card.  He doesn’t live here anymore.

who chose the jones family to represent our portrait of success? @embracechaos http://wp.me/p7CAn-7P

words are great, but we don’t take enough time to use them. http://whydidyougivemethis.wordpress.com @embracechaos #magneticpoetry

maybe we all need a visit from the ghost of Christmas past.

read 9 days until christmas http://wp.me/p7CAn-7P #9daysofembracechaos

8 days until Christmas…

aren’t ghosts just people spirits in 32% transparent bodies with a 78% vivid light outer glow? #photoshop @embracechaos

the ghost of christmas past is a vintage poloroid camera… http://wp.me/p7CAn-88 #ghostofchristmaspast

it looked nice, felt warm and seemed surreal, yet i had no idea what ‘it’ was. @embracechaos

the ghost of christmas present. get it? christmas ‘present’?  i crack myself up! http://wp.me/p7CAn-88 @embracechaos

let me just say that i never intentionally bought a pair of mismatched shoes. @embracechaos

i met the ghost of christmas future last night and her name is Flo. http://wp.me/p7CAn-88 @embracechaos

her walker, with tennis ball feet, must be jet propelled. #cuteoldpeople #alzheimers #capturedmyheart http://wp.me/p7CAn-88

the nursing home filled w traces of personal artifacts, arranged into a beige shell, a colorful painting spoke loudly… http://wp.me/p7CAn-88

the christmas spirit? yep, it’s a ghost, & I think I’m a little closer to it now. @embracechaos

read 8 days until christmas http://wp.me/p7CAn-88 #8daysofembracechaos

7 days until Christmas…

‘you can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family?’ i beg to differ. @embracechaos http://wp.me/p7CAn-8F

…i noticed a house that had some fun yard decor, more specifically, ‘little skeleton girl’. http://wp.me/p7CAn-8F #littleskeletongirl

i guess God knew I needed some siblings, but decided to bring them in under different circumstances. @embracechaos #jo #selena #ryan #erik

u may not b able to choose ur genetic family, but through love & friendship, u do choose ur ‘preferred’ family. http://wp.me/p7CAn-8F

1 definition of a family is “a group of people who are generally not blood relations but who share common attitudes, interests, or goals…”

…a lady at church who accidentally door dinged my beat-up car. #greatwaytomeetpeople #godiscool http://wp.me/p7CAn-8F

read 7 days until christmas http://wp.me/p7CAn-8F #7daysofembracechaos

6 days… no, wait, 5 days until Christmas…

whatever.  i can’t count! @embracechaos http://wp.me/p7CAn-8Q

although I may not know my love language, I know what it’s not.  it’s not gifts. @embracechaos

the 2009 christmas gift giving guide aka jody’s list. @embracechaos http://wp.me/p7CAn-8Q #jodyslist

what was the coolest, most mind-blowing gift you received as a child? #whirlywheel #krazykar

hat is the most meaningful or creative gift you have ever received? #skelmingo #bouquetofpaintbrushes

Anyone can go 2 a cookie cutter store, buy mass produced material goods take it home, wrap it in a bunch of fancy paper & call it a day.

CHALLENGE: if you are supporting thrift stores with your old stuff, please continue! #thirftstores #charity

judge a book by its cover. @embracechaos

at the risk of offending someone, I have found a whole new level of ridiculousness to gift giving. personalized wine bottle etching.

CHALLENGE QUESTION: what are your resources and how can you use them to help people? http://wp.me/p7CAn-8Q

don’t get sucked into the vortex of materialism and meaninglessness. #christmasconsumerism http://wp.me/p7CAn-8Q

read 5-6 days until christmas http://wp.me/p7CAn-8Q #5-6daysofembracechaos

4 days until Christmas…

A friend asked an interesting question: he asked, “would you still be blogging everyday if you were married?” http://wp.me/p7CAn-9e

holiday balance. where is it? i have no idea. @embracechaos #balance #iwouldlosemyheadifitwasnotattached

i’m intrigued by the name moving colors. i forgot to ask how they came up with the name. http://movingcolorsband.com

maybe I don’t need to leave anything out of the christmas storage box. http://wp.me/p7CAn-9e #dontforget #rememberchange

read 4 days until christmas http://wp.me/p7CAn-9e #4daysofembracechaos

3 days until Christmas…

someone found by blog with the search words ‘why do people choose chaos’. @embracechaos http://wp.me/p7CAn-9m

So do people chose chaos, or is chaos a result of human actions? #choices

cultural chaos: result of masses of ppl coexisting on a planet, development of r interactions & outcome of r participation in society.

cultural chaos is not only having too many choices, but the expectation that we are to participate in all of them on some level.

i’m glad sonic still believes in peppermint wheels. @embracechaos http://wp.me/p7CAn-9m #sonictoys #cherrylimeade

Can anyone copyright a smiley face? #walmartsucks #harveyball #70’s #whatsthefirstthingyouthinkofwhenyouseeasmileyface?

adbusters.org, a radical & thought provoking publication, addressed the christmas chaos in one of their issues a few years ago. #readit

Civilization creates icons, placing in r subconscious, the type & location of where they want u 2 participate in their piece of chaos.

we choose chaos because it’s what we know and it’s comfortable, even if we don’t like it. @embracechaos

read 3 days until christmas http://wp.me/p7CAn-9m #3daysofembracechaos

2 days until Christmas…

i get the distinct feeling people are ready for this to be over. @embracechaos http://wp.me/p7CAn-9u

ah, the blissful haven between life’s pandemonium and the inescapable reality of a final destination. @embracechaos

…the red push pin & the pulsing blue dot have finally come together.  For a brief moment, the purple cloud of excitement is overwhelming.

did I turn off the iron?  No, because I don’t have one. #noiron #turnitoff #whydopeopleiron? http://wp.me/p7CAn-9u #seriously

i have learned something about christmas this year though, it’s about the journey, not the destination. @embracechaos

read 2 days until christmas http://wp.me/p7CAn-9u #2daysofembracechaos

1 day until Christmas…

…and found a small package on my front porch. @embracechaos http://wp.me/p7CAn-9Q #whatwasinit?

i wasn’t prepared for the non-accidental, odd collection, depicting my life. @embracechaos http://wp.me/p7CAn-9Q

pcs of life on tiny scraps of paper, some mocking happiness, others evidence of existence, carefully arranged in2 a loose album of heartache

transposing my insights, perceptions and visions into comprehensible words is so incredibly challenging for me. @embracechaos

…it’s the juxtaposition of an important birthday and our cultural creativity. #mergechristmas http://wp.me/p7CAn-9Q

we’re all quirky in our own ways and I’m simply pointing out that christmas exaggerates these peculiarities. @embracechaos

my expression of negative feelings is necessary, manifested through aesthetic, tangible pieces of art, not crying. @embracechaos

if you’re looking for warm-fuzzy-happy stories, you won’t be reading my stuff. @embracechaos #realitychk

with my treasure chest of words, i can only hope 2 make a tiny impact in this large cultural crater. #changetheworld #trashsociety@christmas

read 1 day until christmas http://wp.me/p7CAn-9Q #1dayofembracechaos

Christmas day.

merry christmas from @embracechaos https://embracechaos.wordpress.com

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