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A Christmas Story

Once upon a time, many, many years ago in Florida, a kind of weird chick had a white Christmas tree.  She thought one year that it would be a great idea to hang candy canes on the tree.  So off to the store she went to buy some candy canes.

Now in those days, there were about 500 colors and flavors of candy canes.  All along the store shelves, there were many red candy canes, and maybe some green ones here and there.  Well, she got lucky and found solid white ones!  So she bought them and hung them all over the tree.

The following year, she took the tree out and set it up.   It was so beautiful!  And smelled like peppermint!  She seemed to miss a few of those white candy canes on the white tree.  Being in Florida with the heat… you guessed it.  They melted on to the tree.  As far as she could see, there’s no way to get melted candy off a fake tree.  So she left it there. The weird chick worked a lot.

One evening she came home from work and the tree was moving!  No, not across the room.  (This is a Christmas story, not a horror story about poltergeists)  It looked as though it had many strands of tiny twinkling lights.  Upon closer inspection, it was full of ants.  They were enjoying the candy.  So now she saw her options as throw away the tree or maybe spray it with ant killer.  Neither one of those seemed like a good idea.  So she decided to give it some time and maybe she could come up with a solution.

While she was thinking, the ants ate all the candy and then they were gone.  I took about three days, but hey, she kept the tree, the ants got a nice Christmas meal, AND they cleaned up her mess.  They all lived happily ever after.  The end.  (Yeah right, where are those ants when you really need them?!)

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