tinselectomy story

I’ve always tried to teach my kids about the importance of giving to others. I started this process when they were very young. I used to tell them that they had a lot of toys and would encourage them to give some away to the thrift store. I would tell them how giving some of their toys away would help needy children.

At the same time, I was also trying to teach them to be frugal and teach them the value of a dollar. If we weren’t using something or wanted to upgrade, I would sell our stuff on eBay. If we shopped at the thrift store, I would give them a budget. So Joe, who in his own ‘Joe’ kind of way would go around telling people, “Yeah, I’m helping needy kids by selling my toys to them.”

Although ‘tinselectomy’ is not a new concept for our family, it’s needs to be a more important part of our lives. I’m excited to be a part of this movement! ¬†Become a fan of tinselectomy on Facebook!


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One response to “tinselectomy story

  • Jason @ One Money Design

    Jody, we’re trying to start to teach our 4 year old daughter about giving. We too want to start this teach process at a young age. Although, it’s not easy for her to understand, we know taking baby steps will one day help her embrace this value. Thanks for your encouragment!

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