crossing the border

I’m listening to the song Give Me Your Eyes by Brandon Heath
on the radio driving through Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.  That song is so touching and really about what I want to
accomplish in blogging about this trip.

This is my second trip down here, but before my first time,
I had heard so many stories about Casa Hogar Elim.  Anyone that had a story would say. “…you can’t put it into
words, you have to go down there to experience it.”

The best way I know how to communicate what an amazing
experience it is and how blessed I feel by being around these children is to
show photos and write a little bit about each one of them.

We are on our way to Laredo, TX to pick up a few pallets of
food donated to CHE.  They have a
storage facility there to accept and store donations.  It is quite a process to get the food across the border and
to hopefully not get taxed on it.

I’m writing this as we are in a caravan of four vehicles
going to Laredo.  JD just got
pulled over by the local police for speeding.  Anytime we see flashing lights down here, it’s a little
scary.  (that didn’t stop me from
taking a photo… will post as soon as I can download it from my camera)  Looks like it’s just a standard
speeding ticket thing.  The police
were not fans of all of us pulling over, so two vehicles left to cross the
border.  Still waiting to hear from

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One response to “crossing the border

  • JD

    I’m out of jail now. Thanks for bailing me out! Okay… not true. Tim Bazor and I bribed the officers with $20 apiece and got off scott free. Typical in Mexico.

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