are you expressing yourself or propagandistically supporting financial insanity?

n1355929489_107613_2584About two months ago, I got a really cool pair of shoes from a friend’s teenage daughter.  She said she was not wearing them anymore, so I took them home with me.  The shoes were awesome, great colors and artwork!  As soon as I got home, I put them on and went outside to play with the boys.  We got out the sidewalk chalk… well our version of sidewalk chalk… and started the outside art process.  I drew the skull that was on my shoe.

I had seen lots of merchandise with artwork like my shoes, but I didn’t really know much about it.  Ed Hardy.  Stuff that people are paying insane amounts of money for.  $109 for a short sleeve t-shirt?!?!?!?  Are you kidding me?

Okay, so I have been know to shop at The Buckle on occasion.  I love their stuff, but not as much as they do.  Even if I had that kind of money, I would not pay full price for it.  I typically avoid the mall at all costs, but I needed to go there for my annual visit.  I had the boys with me and they picked out my Christmas gifts there.  Each one picked out a shirt for me off of the sale rack.  As we went to pay, we passed a table full of Ed clothing.  I didn’t even stop to look since I knew I would never pay what was listed on those little tags.

When I went to wear one of the shirts, I realized it had loose buttons.  My laundry theory: wash similar colors together in warm water, dry on high heat and anything that comes out looking good is worth keeping.  Oh, great.  Another trip to the mall to make a return.

imagesThis time I went without the boys.  It was the day after Christmas and I’m really not sure what I was thinking, other than I just want to get all my errands run.  I decided to just return the shirt and not get anything else.  I think I’m probably the only person over 40 that shops there, because they did not see a teen with me, so nobody asked if I wanted anything else in place of the shirt I was returning.


On either side of me, there were teen girls shopping with their moms, making purchases with what was probably Christmas money or Buckle gift cards.  The girls were purchasing Ed hardy clothing.  One had a total of $87 and the other a total of $94.  Each girl only bought one t-shirt.  It really saddened me that this is an acceptable way to teach kids how to spend money and how our society endorses financial prostitution.

ed_hardy_duvet_and_bed_setsOn the way out of the mall, I saw an Ed Hardy bedding set at Macy’s.  Don’t get me wrong, I think his stuff is really cool, however I think it’s ridiculous that it costs as much as it does.  Just for a queen duvet cover and 2 pillowcases… $299.  Saddened once again that Macy’s was nearly sold out of this stuff, I left the mall.

I had one more return to make at Marshall’s.  As I was once again standing in a long line of people waiting to return something, I saw another teenager shopping with her mom.  They were checking out, and once again, the girl was buying an Ed Hardy t-shirt.  It was not the one she really wanted, but it was an Ed shirt for $30.  I suppose she thought that any Ed Hardy shirt was better than no Ed Hardy shirt.  I had a respect for them for shopping at a discount store, but whether or not the Ed stuff is discounted, or like in my case free, what statement are we making by wearing it?

  • I support financial insanity
  • Food… $12, gas… $40, mortgage payment with late fees… $2367, Ed Hardy t-shirt… priceless
  • My shirt cost more than yours! 😛
  • The tattoo would have been cheaper
  • So what, my parents paid for it

Ok, I’ll stop now.  Should I start my own clothing line?  I could, but that would make me another victim of our society.  I think I will write a book (Allison will have to do this with me) about self expression through clothing.  How to treasure hunt at thrift stores and modify clothing to make your own personal statement.

Off to treasure hunt now…  Oh, and I will probably still wear my free shoes, but as usual, I will modify them and make sure I tell everyone about treasure hunting.

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