no fortune for me?

no fortune for me?

I have this ritual… every time I go to a chinese place to eat, I get two fortune cookies.  One before my meal and one for the road.  So on this day, my cookie was empty.  No fortune.  I’ve been collecting these little pieces of paper that start a thought process.  Nothing more, just a piece of paper some printer made up to sell more chinese food.  Proverbs.  the only proverbs I should be reading are in the Bible.  But it made me sad that there was no fortune.  I was missing from my cookie that was after my meal.  My thought process for the road.    

So does this mean I have no fortune?  No thought process to leave with?  No little piece of paper with an encouraging thought?  Proverbs.  Maybe I was supposed to go home and find one.  Read Proverbs.  🙂


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